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Legal Services

Legal Services

If you have separated recently, you and your former partner will need to make some immediate decisions about practical issues concerning your children and/or your assets like property and debts. Family Hopes provides services across Australia. We can assist you to apply for a grant of legal aid and connect you with other legal aid lawyers, court duty lawyers, private practitioners, or family mediation services.

Family Hopes provides information to help people with their relationships. Family Hopes provides a comprehensive assessment service for families, including grandparents, seeking advice, support and referrals to family relationship services, including family dispute resolution (FDR).

This service is a source of information for families at all stages, including people starting relationships, those wanting to make their relationships stronger, those experiencing relationship difficulties and those affected when families separate. Our experienced and fully qualified staff provide family dispute resolution as an alternative to the Family Court. Our experience in assisting parents and carers negotiate parenting plans has helped many families avoid contested court hearings.

Today’s family law system requires its participants to navigate a variety of court and dispute resolution processes and to understand complex legal issues. Yet, due to several economic and social forces, there are an increasing number of self-represented litigants who lack the legal training of Lawyers, including the knowledge and information necessary to effectively navigate legal processes related to separation and divorce.


Self-represented litigants attempt to exercise their rights within the system, but often have little to no idea of how to go about it. Because they are not educated about the substance and process of the legal system, their expectations of what will happen and how are often not met.


They may feel discounted and trapped in an environment which is not designed for their use. Moreover, the process can become significantly more mired in error in self-representation cases, turning the courts’ attention from critical substantive matters presented by all litigants.


Family Hopes legal services allows self-represented litigants to obtain professional assistance at crucial junctures in their progress through the legal system. Despite the often-high cost of legal representation, many self-represented litigants can afford and do choose to pay lawyers for some level of representation, related to specific tasks.


Family Hopes can be offered at key stages where access to legal expertise is pivotal to making an informed decision. It can also help move cases through the court system to completion, by way of legally drafting and editing documents.


Legal Support Services

  • Parenting Plans

  • Consent Orders

  • Financial Statement

  • Indirect financial contribution

  • Non-financial contribution

  • Future requirements

  • Applications in a Case

  • Subpoena

  • Initiating Application

  • Response to Initiating Applications

  • Affidavit

  • Joint Divorce Application

  • Contravention Application

  • Contempt Application

  • Enforcement Application

  • Notice of Child Abuse, Family Violence or Risk

  • Case Outline

  • Submission

  • Financial Questionnaire

  • Parenting Questionnaire

  • Lawyer Referrals tailored to your matter and location.

  • Victims Compensations Applications

  • Attorney General Legal Grants Support Services

  • Court Support Services

  • Witness Support Services

  • Reviewing and editing 

Additional Information

Applications should be filed within 12 months of a divorce or 2 years of the breakdown of a de facto relationship if parties wish to seek orders from the court. Time limits – marriage, an application for a financial/property settlement within 12 months of your divorce becoming final. Time limits – de facto relationship, an application for a financial/property settlement must be within 2 years of the breakdown of your de facto relationship. Binding Financial Agreement If you have reached an agreement, you can make an application to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia/Family Court of Western Australia to formalise your agreement by applying for Consent Orders. Or alternatively, you can enter into a Binding Financial Agreement.


The Director of Family Hopes is not a lawyer and whilst being experienced in family law matters, nothing that is written or communicated should be taken as or relied upon as legal advice. 
The Director may if requested, refer you to an experienced lawyer and provide an administrative and client liaison function with your consent.  
By signing this document, you have read and agreed to the Family Hopes Service Agreement and Payment Terms. 

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