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Developing and maintaining close links between the child and their family are essential to children.

Positive contact arrangements are seen to help the child to develop a proper understanding of their identity and origins.

The visits are focused on the child and to promote a positive relationship with the other parent.

We aim to provide regular and consistent contact in a friendly, relaxed child appropriate venue agreed to by the parents.

Given the duration of high-conflict cases, it is preferable that the child can do normal activities with that parent rather than being restricted to a location.

Because we are a remote agency, we can strengthen the relationship in a natural setting.

Family Hopes will get you through this stage as quickly as possible while keeping the child's or best child's interests in mind.

Contact will only be refused when there is clear evidence that it prevents the authority from safeguarding the child’s welfare.

Job Description

To Facilitate Face to Face contact, Change Overs, FaceTime, and Overnight will be required of you to remain present with the Parent and their Child at all times,

When necessary, intervene during visits, if the Parent is not Child appropriate or the Child is distressed.

After each visit, you will be required to provide a detailed narrative for the visit, and report on all activities, behaviour, emotions, and interaction between both parents.


The Supervised contact worker must ensure that the agreed location is a safe and child appropriate for the visits to commencement. Prior to the visit, the parents must agree on the location, where you will be able to communication with the parents through WhatsApp.

The Parents are not to cross paths so the worker must contact Parent A to meet at the meeting point and then contact the Parent B and tell Parent B to wait until Parent A is out of site. Unless written permission is obtained, the visits are intended to allow one parent at a time to spend time in a safe environment free of conflict or stress.

If the parent crosses the path with intent, the visit will be cancelled immediately.

Changeovers should occur only when one parent is present. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, only parties to the proceeding are permitted to attend supervised visits.

Family Hopes will not give you legal advice about your family law matter and will not engage in any discussions about it.

Key Selection Criteria

Social work degree - or a similar to welfare, behavioural, counselling or case work practice.

Diploma of Community Services Work, or similar qualifications such as​ supervised fieldwork placements, case management, 


A suitable qualification combined with relevant work experience. in a field that requires mandatory report for Child Protection assessments. 

Essential Criteria

Working with Children Clearance

Police Clearance

Driver's License

Experience working with children.

Skills Required

Excellent retention of information.

Exceptional written and verbal communication skills


How to apply

Staff Information

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